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Headache and Migraine Relief in Spokane Valley


Headaches, neck aches and back aches are sometimes interrelated.  They are also different from other conditions because of their negative effect on overall wellbeing.
With a sore elbow or a hurting knee, we can still feel fine even though our elbow or knee might hurt.  It’s pretty hard to feel fine with a headache or migraine as these tend to affect mood, state of mind, ability to work, and ability to concentrate or function, as well as being painful.
Headache and migraines are also conditions that the medical community often fails to successfully treat.  Many of our patients come to us ready to try chiropractic because other treatments have failed them.  Or because their doctors can do nothing more than prescribe pain pills or recommend surgery.
The good news is that we can help relieve your headache and migraines and restore you to normal, happy functioning!
Not only is chiropractic itself noted for successfully treating head aches and miegraines but our Spokane Valley chiropractic office also offers a number of special healing modalities for these conditions including:
Flexion/Distraction Table for Spinal Decompression
Most types of headaches respond well to chiropractic.  Migraines are a type of headache that are throbbing, produce visual disturbances, often cause nausea, and are intense and painful.  They can be helped tremendously by chiropractic, either by decreasing intensity and frequency or by eliminating them altogether.
Other types of headaches originate from the neck, which produces pain in the back of the skull that radiates to behind the eyes. Headaches that are the result of cervical misalignment will cause nerve impingement, pain and swelling.  Chiropractic can easily correct these kinds of headaches.  Sinus headaches are usually in the front of the face, above or below the eyes and feel worse when bending forward. These can be helped by acupuncture and herbal remedies.
Pain pills will only cover up the symptoms and will not fix the source of headache problems.  Whether you have occasional headaches or debilitating migraines, there are therapies and treatments that will help give you relief.  Chiropractic, massage therapy, and appropriate related modalities can fix the reason you have headaches and give you long term relief. 

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